Make My Box – 30g pack size

Make My Box – 30g pack size

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Create your personalized order by simply adding snacks to your box. Make My Box works great for homes and offices to satisfy the “snacker” in you. It is also great for sampling and trying different products to find your perfect match. Enjoy our 30 gram packs!

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Cheese And Garlic Mini Crepes
Crispy Crepe Biscuits - Dark Chocolate
Crispy Crepe Biscuits - Milk Chocolate
Candy - Sour assorted fruit Gummi bears
Candy - 12 Fruit Gummi bears
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Shortbread Cookie
Pineapple Dried Fruit
Mango Dried Fruit
Popcorn (Movie Style)
Popcorn (Salted Caramel)
Sweet & Spicy Mix
Hazel Me
Hearty Nut Mix
Fruit & Seed Mix
Lemon Pepper Peas
Smoky BBQ Peas
Salt & Black Pepper Peanuts
Jalapenos Peanuts
Roasted Almonds
Roasted Cashews